Dansschool Salsa Tipica

weekly classes, workshops, socials, events

Salsa Tipica is a dance academy in Nijmegen which organizes weekly West Coast Swing classes (and classes in other dance styles), workshop, socials and events in Nijmegen (and other locations in the Netherlands).

Weekly classes and workshops

Weekly classes (leveled) on several days in the week

For more information go to www.salsatipica.nl


Weekly social on Friday nights in Nijmegen.

Monthly social every first Friday of the month in Nijmegen.

For information go to www.salsatipica.nl

Dutch Open West Coast Swing (WSDC event)

Dutch Open is an official WSDC event (dance convention) that takes place in Venray in March.

For information go to www.dutchopenwcs.com

Tipica Swing Festival (workshop weekend)

Tipica Swing Festival is a 2-day social event that takes place in Nijmegen in november.

For information go to www.salsatipcia.nl/tsf