Participating in a “Jack & Jill” or “Strictly Swing” contest is a fun way to test your social dance skills.

At the offical WSDC competitons results are registerd in the WSDC database. The database is used to determine in which skill level a dancer should compete their Jack&Jill competition.

The Points Registry database and WSDC-Points-Registry-Rules can be found on the website of The World Swing Dance Council.

Jack & Jill Divisions

Jack & Jill competitions are designed to highlight skills in spontaneous WCS dancing and the ability to dance well with a variety of partners. 
Participants register individually as a leader or a follower. Couples are formed randomly and dance on the DJ’s music selection. Dancers will be judged individually in the heats and as a couple in the final.

Newcomer (WSDC): Beginners in WCS or in WCS competitions.

Novice (WSDC) : Dancers with less than 30 Novice points.

Intermediate (WSDC) : Dancers with more than 16 Novice points and less than 45 Intermediate points.

Advanced (WSDC): Dancers with more than 30 Intermediate points and less than 60 advanced points

All-Stars (WSDC): Dancers with more than 45 advanced points (must receive 3 All Star points in last 36 Months to remain in All Star )

Juniors (WSDC): Dancers need to be 17 years of age or younger by close of the event

Masters (WSDC): Dancers need to be 50 years of age or older by close of the event.

Champion (WSDC): requirements set by promoters for their higher skill level dancers in attendance

Sophisticated: This is fun Jack& Jill competition, where the dancers need to be 35 years of age or older by close of the event

ProAm: This is a fun Jack & Jill competition, where the Amateur dancers randomly draw for or rotate to a Pro partner. It runs in a heated format, usually in 2 heats: leader Pros with follower Ams, and follower Pros with leader Ams. They may or may not be combined for finals, depending on the event’s rules.

All-American/All-European: This WCS competition is a fun Jack & Jill where all levels of dancers compete together with the luck of the draw.
Traditionally the first partner drawn shall be the partner for both the preliminary and final rounds. Participants will be judged as partners.
Some events use the high-low concept, where a lower level dancer (intermediate or lower) draw a higher level dancer (Advanced or higher) and vice versa.

Strictly Swing Divisions

Dancers register as a couple and dance on the DJ’s music selection. Divisons offered depend on event rules. Sometimes WSDC levels are combined Examples: Nov/Int, Open, ProAm Novice, ProAm Intermediate,

Routine Divisions

Dancers perform a 2 to 3 minute choreochaphed WCS routine on a pre-arranged piece of music.

Pro-Am: A student dances with his/her teacher. Usually separate competition for Pro Lead/Am Follower and Pro Follower/Am Lead and can be offerd levelled depending on the event rules.

Rising Star: This division was created to give amateur and up-and-coming professionals a lower-pressure environment to build their competitive routine performance skills.
Lifts are allowed (not required). Maximum of five partner weight support moves with at least one foot on the ground. Breakaways should not exceed 8 beats. Costumes are required.

Showcase: Lifts, as well as other partner weight-support moves are allowed. Costumes are required.

Classic: No lifts or aerials allowed. “On the ground” partner weight support moves (such as drops, slides, and splits) are allowed. Breakaways should not exceed 8 beats. Costumes are required.